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After years of deer hunting with my dad and uncles in west Texas it wasn’t until I was cleaning a domestic pig for the yearly supply of pork that I realized how tough it is to clean an animal by yourself. While hunting with family and friends you always have someone there to help with that hind quarter or as my dad would say ’’ Boy don’t let that hind quarter hit the ground.’’ As he was removing the other from our conventional gambrel. I struggled to get my pig cleaned and after that I was on a mission to come up with something to make this task easier. I consulted with friends and family members and eventually came up with SKIN IT RITE. It seemed to be quite an easy fix. I built one and took it along the next deer season. "Wow" everyone said, you don’t have to worry about dropping that hind quarter. Awesome, I finally had a great contraption. Not so fast. Then comes along February and show pig cleaning time again, and of course I’m by myself. No problem my new gambrel is going to come through.

Wrong - The darn thing was too wide so once again I’m back to 2 small ropes tied around 2 hind legs to hoist this big guy up. While I was there I took a Quick measurement and filed it away. Back to the shop I went the following day for some slight modifications. Within a few hours I had a new and improved version of the original.

Well that was about 10 years ago. It wasn’t till I moved from The Houston area to South Texas that I realized I really had something. I had been building the skin it rites for friends and family every year it seemed. I thought to myself, man I can never keep up with this thing. They just seem to keep walking off. So with the help from some wonderful family and friends SKIN IT RITE was born.

With Skin It Rite we are confident you will be satisfied with a new way of skinning your game. The tough stainless steel construction gives you years of dependable reliable service. Our product has been tested on wild hogs , domestic hogs and deer. Our goal is that the harvester of game is able to easily master processing his game single handedly.

Stephen Mills and Owner Laura Mills


The skin it rite tool is stronger than any other brand I have used, it is built to last, and it is easier to use. Once you try it, you will never go back to another skinning tool.

Randy Price | Victoria Texas

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