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Skin it Rite getting ready to pick this monster whitetail buck up with ease.

Anonymous |




Skin It Rite made tonight's harvest of this boar an easy task to clean. Never drop your game! Don't go out in the great outdoors without your Skin It Rite gambrel!

Cammie - The Pig Killer | Victoria, Texas




Do it right with Skin it Rite!!!! Best skinning tool in the market !!!!

Art Esquivel | Victoria Texas







My grandson, Hayden Neal, killed his first deer today. He is 8 years old and shot a spike at 80 yards. He hit it in the heart and said it took one step, down. Man way he excited. Used the Skin it rite gambrel to field dress and quarter the deer. Man, what a great product. You never have to worry about dropping your game.

Gary bullion | Alvin, Texas




Earlier this year a friend of mine showed me a product called skin it rite. I was intrigued and excited to see it and use one. I then proceeded to buy three, which is one of each size. Since then I have used it on several bears ,deer and elk in conjunction to my group.... pursue the hunger Team NWHA . I also got the chance to talk to the owner and Stephen along with wife Laura are amazing people. I invited them up to hunt on our ranch in EA WA for deer and bear. This was the first time they had been in the PNW along with bear hunting. Well Laura has never saw a bear or killed any animal so I was as excited as she was for the hunt. On this day God had blessed us with her first ever kill and it being a chocolate phase black bear. After getting the bear back to the cabin and playing a trick on her husband Stephen we were able to put the Skin-IT-Rite to work. I have to say this is the by far best gambrel we have ever used from Wa to MI to Sc and back to TX. Never drop your game again! Thank you for the memories and friendship. Many more things to come with this new friendship so be looking.

Thomas Misfud | Washington State




I am part of pursue the hunger...fuel the passion! With team NWHA . I have just got the new skin-it-rite and wanted to test it out on some of our Washington game. This is the most durable and easy using hanger I have tried in my time here on earth. I wish we would of had one years ago to make life after the hunt much easier than it was in the past. We will be hanging bear, elk and deer all season so stay with use for new pics and animals. Thank you for making this amazing products and allow the everyday hunter the ability to afford them.:)!

Thomas Misfud | Washington State




I've used Skin It Rite on many Whitetail over the past two years and wouldn't use anything else. One of my hunter's killed a 550 pound Scimitar Oryx and Skin It Rite took care of it with no problems! Great product!

Wayne Zimmerhanzel | Deer Hunting Guide




Skin it rite did a great job on this hog Fox Crossing Ranch approved.

Fox Crossing Ranch




This is the best thing I've ever used to skin a deer. Ten times easier and quicker than your regular old hooks. And you can cut right through that tendon we've always danced around. Helps you get the job done quicker and cleaner! Thanks Stephen and Laura!

Jackie Miester | Moultrie, Georgia




225 lbs. hog. Used the Skin it Rite for the first time. By far the easiest and best gambrel we have ever used. Gonna be our next purchase.

Ashton Grones, age 11 | Victoria, Texas




We used the skin it rite for this big hog I killed in Gatesville Tx. It was so simple and easy to use. I'll take it with me on every hunt !!!

Jeff Mccarver | Gatesville, TX




It has NOW earned its spot on the electric winch. They asked me when we left....you want to take this Skin it Rite with you....or can we just leave it on the winch. I told them it stays.

Michael Leita | Woodsboro, TX




Seeing the Skin It Rite in use was impressive. It is so simple and effective. Every hunter should have one, especially if they are dressing an animal alone. It's the only way to go!!!

George Rinche | Rockport, TX




Skin It Rite got it's first two kills cleaned this evening. 2 -50 pound pigs; small eat'n pigs; cut the hide on the pelvis and the legs reached the loops.

Jack Holman | Weimer, TX




Biggest buck I've ever killed; 12 point 225 pound live weight 152 gross B&C.; Loved the cable sytem; hoisted the deer up and there was no way my trophy was going to hit the ground during the skin'n, gut'n or quartering process.

John McCullum | Odessa, TX




Awesome device, really speeds up the entire process. Simple to use and you don't have to worry about cutting the tendon. I recommend the Skin It Rite!!

Randy Hoyer | Triple H Ranch, Goldthwaite, TX




I came across the SkinItRite while watching a few of Keith Warren's hunting videos on Youtube. When I saw the ease of use of the SkinItRite I just had to get one. Being an avid hunter for several years I already tried other gambrels in the past. Due to the fact that I'm physically handicapped I'm always looking for tools that make field dressing and skinning as easy as possible. SkinItRite is the perfect tool for my needs. With other gambrels I always had to pay close attention to ensure the game doesn't fall down at some point, especially when it came to work on the hindquarters. With the SkinItRite I don't have to worry about it any longer since it keeps everything perfectly in place. Definitely a must-have for every hunter!

Philipp Mager | Zorneding, Germany




Thanks Skin It Rite for making my hunting experience much more enjoyable when I shot my first Axis deer on a ranch in Utopia, TX. My dad had introduced me to the Skin It Rite gambrel so I decided I would try it out even though I was skeptical. I found a cedar tree and a rope and was able to hang the Axis with no problem. With this product I didn't have to worry about cutting through the tendons and risking my meat falling. I was also extremely impressed on how the deer did not spin on me as I quartered it up. I will definitely use Skin It Rite in the future!

J D Zimmerhanzel | Utopia, Texas




I would like to praise Skin It Rite for there amazing ease of use gambrel. There is nothing more nerve racking them bagging a deer of a life time than watching it dangle with a worn rope and connected to rusty hooks. With the Skin it Rite Gambrel, you are worry free. With the all stainless steels design, rust is out of the question as well. A day I will never forget is my 245 4/8 B&C; buck hanging in the sunset with the Skin It Rite Gambrel. Y'all have truly designed a hunter friendly product that does not disappoint! Hopefully next year I will have another buck to hang with a Skin It Rite!!!!

Patrick Bulanek | Danbury, Texas




I have been hunting, skinning, gutting deer since I was 12 years old. I'm 56 now and I got the chance to use the Skin It Rite gambrel developed by Stephen Mills. It is by far the best gambrel to come along during my life time. It's easy to use, convenient and dependable for all of your deer cleaning needs. I am an avid deer hunter and guide and I strongly recommend this outstanding product for every hunter and deer camp.

Wayne "Z" Zimmerhanzel | Deer Guide/President of the CCWMA (Colorado County Wildlife Management Association)




The skin it rite tool is stronger than any other brand I have used, it is built to last, and it is easier to use. Once you try it, you will never go back to another skinning tool.

Randy Price | Victoria, Texas




The morning of December 14th began with taking of a buck that I have dreamt about my entire life. Making even more special was the great friends at camp with me. When it came time to clean my trophy one of them produced a new style of gambrel a "skin it rite". The simplicity of the design belied about what I was about to experience. In separating the hindquarters I witnessed each half stable and safe. With health concerns and the like, the meat was so easy to handle and keep clean. There wasn't a struggle with sharp knives. We cleaned my trophy collectively, but I easily could of handled the job by myself using the "skin it rite". Clean up after use was simple with all the components being stainless. Needless to say, I now have a "skin it rite" of my own and won't go on a hunt without it. It's a very valuable tool!

Jon Grones | South Texas




I have owned my skin it rite for two years. I have skinned 3 deer and 2 hogs on it. The biggest hog was at least 400 lbs. It was plenty strong and heavy duty. A hunter would have no problem hanging a moose from this. Besides being heavy duty it is the best design on a skinner available. You can hang an animal right from the hocks right above the feet and cut the hams off easy. No problem in getting down to one ham hanging, No more dirt or leaves to wash off meat because you dropped a piece of meat on an unbalanced gambrel. The skin it rite grips good.

James Banks | Alvin, Texas




I’ve used other gambrels before, but nothing like the Skin It Rite. This gambrel takes all the worry out of accidentally cutting the tendon and having your deer or hog, fall to the ground and getting dirt and debris on the carcass. It is such a simple design that you’ll think to yourself, "Why didn’t I think of that?"


You simply insert the legs of the animal in one of the loops and cinch it up. Then use whatever pulley system you have and pull the animal up. The weight of the animal actually tightens up the loops on the Skin it rite so the legs don’t slip out.


Another nice feature of the Skin it rite is the fact that after the animal has been skinned and you are ready to cut the hams, you can cut the leg bones one at a time and not have the gambrel become unbalanced and having the other leg fall off. It actually hangs balanced so you can cut the other leg from the Skin it rite. You better keep your eye on your Skin it rite because your hunting partners will be so impressed by the simplicity and ease of use of the Skin it rite, they might “borrow” it.

Gary Moritz | Boerne, Texas




I've used Skin It Rite on many Whitetail over the past two years and wouldn't use anything else. One of my hunter's killed a 550 pound Scimitar Oryx and Skin It Rite took care of it with no problems! Great product!

Wayne Zimmerhanzel | Deer Hunting Guide




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